Bristol City Council reporting app

The Bristol City Council reporting service is powered by FixMyStreet Pro, which is a progressive web app (PWA). This means that you can save this website to your mobile’s home screen and use it just like an app. See below for instructions on how to do this on both iOS and Android devices.

We chose to develop a PWA instead of a dedicated app because it gives you the choice to use this service on whatever device you want, and ensures that you always benefit from the same user experience, including having access to offline reporting functionality. It also means that we can introduce new features and updates more quickly, while also keeping maintenance costs low due to only having to support one codebase.

How to install FixMyStreet as an app

Unlike dedicated apps, you don’t download the FixMyStreet app from an app store. Instead, you simply need to load the website from a browser on your chosen device and save it to your home screen.

The PWA’s design makes it feel like you’re using a ‘normal’ app, with its mobile friendly features, but you’re benefiting from using a web-based service that doesn’t require you to keep updating it.

iOS (Apple iPhones/iPads)

  1. Load on your mobile browser (if you have iOS version 16.3 or less, the installation will only work via Safari)
  2. Hit the save/share button
  3. Select ‘add to home screen’
  4. Select ‘ok’/’add’
  5. Use FixMyStreet as an app


  1. Load on your mobile browser
  2. Press the ‘three dots’ icon to open the browser menu
  3. Select ‘Install app’ or similar
  4. Select ‘Add to home screen’ / ‘Install’ (varies by device)
  5. Use FixMyStreet as an app